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Customer Service
Customer service is an important business process that ensures satisfaction and retention of customers; it helps in creating goodwill of the company since the company caters to the wants and needs of its customers. 
Sybels customer services includes :
  • Support  : Support services include order taking, activation of accounts, registration of new customers and recording complaints. 
  • Marketing : Marketing tasks carried out through a contact center include sending outbound emails, telemarketing, surveys and poling, responding to inbound emails and management of marketing campaigns.
  • Technical Support : Customers require different technical support services such as data verification, application support, address updates and problem resolution through the technical help desk. 
  • Customer Analytics : Customer analytics includes quality auditing, reporting and complaint analysis.
Sybels helps clients manage and enhance their customer experience by delivering customer Service outsourcing to enhance customer engagement, increase revenues and gain competitive advantage.
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